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Are atm closed, but see the Box below.

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Only for close friends.

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We have a folder for them in our gallery. You can ask for customs, though.

The Box on Commissions


Simple pixel doll, 120p
Demi in Naruverse by ScorpionPixels SP: Lt-Frogg by ScorpionPixels
Heart Border [Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black] by RevPixy
Detailed pixel doll, 230p
SP: ducky-overlord by ScorpionPixels Commission: AndersButt by ScorpionPixels
Heart Border [Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black] by RevPixy
Ponies, 30-150p
Comission from Mysticalbadger by ScorpionPixels Mud Forest BIO by ScorpionPixels
Heart Border [Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black] by RevPixy
Icons, 50p/80p
Icon: Mysticalbadger by ScorpionPixelsIcon: Crystallized-Rose by ScorpionPixelsCM: Crystallized-Rose by ScorpionPixelsIcon: PixelPam by ScorpionPixelsCM: Crystallized-Rose by ScorpionPixels
Heart Border [Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black] by RevPixy
Misc., 50-350
Mermaids by ScorpionPixels Pokemon OCs: Adi by ScorpionPixels
Heart Border [Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Black] by RevPixy

How to:
Black Heart by Xiahism Note us what you'd like to have :>

List of Commissioners:
Black Heart by Xiahism
Black Heart by Xiahism
Black Heart by Xiahism



OC-meme + Features

Tue Jan 27, 2015, 7:25 AM

Welcome to the journal that is being updated nearly daily. Here you will see our works in progress, what we are waiting for and some features of beautiful work from cool people.


Black o1 by AngelicHellraiserRed Death by AngelicHellraiserBlack o1 by AngelicHellraiser

By commenting to this journal I'll choose some work from your gallery to be featured. They'll stay on the front page all February, and after that I'll change them. I think first 7 will get a slot in 'Feature slot', so this won't get dragged too long :>

I totally copied this from Pam ewe
*runs away*


1. Choose 6 OCs to use and put them in any random order.

2. Do not change any of the questions.

3. Please do not look at the questions ahead.

4. Tag some peeps.

OCs being used:

 1. Nathalie          2. Punk                 3. Adira     
Nat by ScorpionPixels     Punk Arrow by SP by ScorpionPixels    Pokemon OCs: Adi by ScorpionPixels
   4. Grasee          5. Cara                    6. Alidge

 Seven Deadly Trolls by ScorpionPixels         Cara Barks by SP by ScorpionPixels             Alidge Charissio  by SP by ScorpionPixels

Q1. (3) is talking to himself/herself about what they think of (4). What do they say?
 *1st time seeing Grasee* Oh, man. She's all grey and has horns.. That's so weird. I wonder if she has any friends or anything. But ohmygod she's so tiny! Shorter than me!

Q2. (5) and (2) are arguing over who's better. (5) punches (2). What does (2) do?
Punk: *falls down* Ouch! >o#
Cara: So, now you have a black eye. Would you like to have a slashed throat, as well?
Punk: U-uh.. N-no? ;n;
Cara: Get lost, then.

Q3. (1) stares at (6), who is watching TV. (6) notices this after 2 hours. How would (6) react?
Alidge: Eeyah! Wait, you're a woman. Oh my god, I already thought I'd get harassed or something, you wouldn't believe how many have suck up here just because of a bet! Like, is it seriously that easy to climb to a second floor? Like, oh my fucking god! I should totally get a security cat or something.. Who are you, again? What do you want?
Nathalie:... Continue watching. Please.
Alidge: what the hell

Q4. (4) vomits all over (2). How does (2) react?
Grasee: *after womiting* woaah dat was some weird stuff man  -7-
Punk: Deep breaths, deep breaths... It's just an alien vomit on you. Juuust alien vomit. You're not gonna get probed to the ass. Just vomit, don't think about it, donthinkaboutitohmygodalienvomit *panic attack*

Q5. (2) throws a fork at (3). Does (3) get hit?
Adira: *catches for from air* Dude, what was that for?
Punk: Uuhh.. My hand flinched??
Adira: Yeeahh.. e.e

Q6. (1) and (4) go to (5)'s party. (5) gives beer to (1) and (4). What happens?
Adira:Oh man, she knows she shouldn't be drinking ,n, *tries to collect all alcohol away*
Cara: Ahah, I see you helped yourself, shorty! *Offers beer to Nathalie* And hello, you ~~
Nathalie: I.... Do not drink. Thank you.

Q7. (6) is having a problem with (3). He/she asks (5) for help. Does (5) help?
Alidge: *notices Cara in a restoraunt* Umm, heeyyy. You're Adira's boss right? 
Cara: What of it?
Alidge: Could you help me make her feel better? I, like bullied her a lot before and-
Cara: No. *waves a waitress to get rid of Alidge*

Q8. (2) and (3) play a prank on (6). What does (6) do?
Alidge: *cries* Where are my cats!? Jackie! Gabrielle!! Angeliquee!!! Waaahhh who heartless bitch would do this? And leave a note! *cries some more* My dear, lovely, beautiful friends...
Punk & Adira: Hihihii ewe

Q9. (4) is in bed, cuddling (5). (1) walks in and sees this. What does (1) think?
Nathalie: *walks out right away* She has created a new organism? Crusoe will be so jealous. Wait, she was cuddling with it??
Cara: *still drunk as shit*
Grasee: *sleeping peacefully*

Q10. (3) suddenly walks up to (6) and kisses him/her. (4) happened to have been there and took a picture. How does (6) react?
Alidge: Wooo, I knew there was some sexual tension ;3 But I'm still surprised... And you *points to Grasee* I need a copy for evidence!
Grasee: yeah sure m8
Adira: *panics* Oh my god why I would ever do that ;< *flies away*

Q11. (5) proposes to (4). (2) comes up and also proposes to (4). What does (4) do?
Grasee: wats dis som kind of red rom stuff man im not interested 

Q12. (3) is turned into a gender-swap version of himself/herself for a day. (1) falls for (3) but doesn't seem to know it really is (3). What would (3) do?
Adira: Oh god, finally I lost that soldier-spy u.u' Now, where's Cara??

Q13. (4) and (2) dance together only for (6) to interrupt. What happens?
Alidge: YEah, beat it, Fanny-Panny. It's my turn to dance with the alien! *pushes Punk away and dances with Grasee*
Punk: ,n,

Q14. (1) murders (6) and (2) sees it. What will (2) do?
Nathalie: Arrow, Fanny. Come here and you'll live.
Punk: uuuuhhhhh sure *runs the fuck away*

Q15. This meme is done. What will all the numbers do now?

Nathalie: Go back to Russia.
Punk: Well, maybe play chess. Or guitar. Dunno really /:
Adira: Oh, we have some training with Cara to do :> And then I'll cook and play and all!
Grasee: sleep
Cara: Work.
Alidge: Well obviously I'm gonna call my friends and tell them everything that happened to me. Like, there was that alien, and Adi kissed me and I got "killed" and all.. That's like a lot, even for me!

I tag..... Crystallized-Rose and Aleiocus ewe

Black o1 by AngelicHellraiser

My forks ATM

> Commission trade with LittleAlyce > Circus Girl > 50% done
> Christmas gift > done as icons, 1/12 done
> Comm-list: Millioncanine, Lulle313 (I'll be taking contact sometime)
> Disney themed dolls (Suggest the next female to be dolled!)
Disney by ScorpionPixels
Black o1 by AngelicHellraiserBlack o1 by AngelicHellraiserBlack o1 by AngelicHellraiser

Features for February

London by HedgehogianTony is so cute omg// by HedgehogianChris! by Hedgehogian
Gaia: Arcosi Knight by Lulle313OC ref: Maine by Lulle313Contest entry: MYO KimonoFish by Lulle313
Helen .:PC:. by Crystallized-RoseVaesha .:Lineart : Request:. by Crystallized-RoseRose - lineart by Crystallized-RoseStrong as Fire .:Collab Part:. by Crystallized-RoseTsuki .:PC:. by Crystallized-Rose
Galaxy by AleiocusStella 2.0 by AleiocusEmbody by AleiocusWonder Woman Collab by AleiocusRedoll for Lyricanna by Aleiocus
.:DOLL:. Pose For The Camera~ by A-DreamCatcher.:DOLL:. June Perez by A-DreamCatcherSpirit by A-DreamCatcher


TV shows we enjoy:
Supernatural stamp by kshapiro american horror story stamp 3 by blackestrose-13 Avatar Stamp by CallistoHime TMNT Stamp by DemonicHalfShell Pegasister Stamp by SunnStamp TWD Stamp 4 by Krubbus Game of Thrones Stamp by SpectreSinistre Breaking Bad Periodic Table Theme Stamp by SpectreSinistre Agents of SHIELD Stamp by Rugi-chan Criminal Minds Stamp by TheBaileyMonster

Games we've played:
Ratchet and Clank Stamp by nakashimariku Kingdom Hearts Series Stamp by nakashimariku Sly Cooper Stamp by Ryxedieos Borderlands Stamp by sugarpoultry InFAMOUS Stamp by wilde-media Last of us stamp by giinga TWD Game Stamp by angelbebop8 BATMAN ARKHAM CITY STAMP by abramoxd Tekken Stamp by CoolBlueX Assassin addicted STAMP by lonewined

Most of the all, we adore:
Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 DC by laselwoo Disney Stamp by poserfan

Also, Lana belongs to and Asa to
Slytherin House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud Hufflepuff House STAMP by CrystalLynnblud

So sorry for spamming you with polls! Anyway, would you guys like a raffle or a contest with big prizes?? 

4 deviants said me liek contest
2 deviants said do both srlsy
1 deviant said quack
No deviants said a raffl plz
No deviants said omg stop spammin u bich


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Es increible! 
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Thank you for the fav on my Pixel art tutorial - shading / textures + examples, hope you find it useful!
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You are so amazing for taking the time out to favorite some of my works! It means so much that you liked it, and I hope you will consider watching Heart
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It's nothing, I really like your art! Sure thing, just keep doing what you do .u.
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forgive me ><
ScorpionPixels Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww man and I was looking forward to it ;A;
But it's okay, mate .u.
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Although, I have to say, your "same old boring 'from the front'" is fricking awesome >u>
Just sayain .u.
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